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Shopping in Haridwar

There are great shopping areas in Haridwar. At these shops, you can find different types of religious items. Well crafted and well designed items of art and craft are the major crowd-puller of the market. The ancient pilgrimage destination, culture and heritage in Haridwar make it one of the most revered and known towns all over India. The main reason of the pilgrims to visit the holy city is to experience the spirituality there. The quality, variety and uniqueness of items make Haridwar one of the most favored shopping destinations in India.

Jwalapur Market
Jwalapur is one of the sopping places in Haridwar. Followers can visit the site to market well crafted items there. People can purchase souvenirs from the market too. Not only these, but visitors can also find a lot of fresh vegetables restaurants and sweet shops in the Jwalapur market. A wide variety of delicious dishes are sold in the market for all.

Moti Bazar Market
Moti Bazar is the market where people prefer to visit first while shopping in Haridwar. It is located at the Northern side on the upper road of the canal. On the upper road, you will see several shops selling of pooja elements. The pooja items include well crafted idols made of copper and brass. Besides all of that, you can buy sweets, colorful glasses, bangles, cane baskets and many among others. These stalls in series also sell culinary items, pickles and ayurvedic medicines.

Kankhal Market
Kankhal is the historical city in the state of Uttarakhand. The town is located 3 miles away from the sacred city of Haridwar. it is situated in the south of the Haridwar town. at the Kankhal site you can find different types of images of Lords and sandalwood rudraksh. it is conceived that wearing rudraksh is necessary for the rishis, munies, sages and sadhus for its benefits. In Hindu mythos, it is believed that the rudraksh are the tears of the Lord Shiva. It is said that you will be benefited by rudraksh if you follow the guidelines of wearing.

Bara Bazar
Bara Bazar market is situated on the Railway Station Road. The market is frequently visited by followers throughout the year from across the country. The market provides the visitors special offers for religious or ornamental items as well. You will find pure ayurveda medicines made of original seeds here. Hardly you will find the medicines anywhere else as it is sold here. All types of aches and pain can be cured by these Ayurvedic medicines.

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